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    well this year so far i havent done great other then on the learning side. first part of the season i had fox and a wolf around and has been a while sence they have came in. i have yet to catch a k-9 due to the fact i already snared a dog on my bait pile and he was safely sent home with out his name tag with the owners number to let them know there dog wont be around long as there are alot of people trapping around close. i pulled every thing other then weasle boxes the darn dog every night is going through boxes and taking my weasles as i found that the boxes i made were a little big so you have to have the rat trap close to the opening and it leaveshalf the weasle out of the box. i have lost 4 now in the last 5 days and i have plenty around from the looks of it. i have managed to get one home whole. now that the season is almost done i want to make a great effort at getting a few more. does any one have any ideas on how to make a productive box that the dog is not going to get to my weasle. maybe a longer narrow box with two rooms the back to hold bait and the trap and the front as a barrier?

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    try setting a rat trap (unbaited) or 2 outside the box. Maybe if doggie goes home wearing a couple of rat traps on his toes, he'll learn to avoid your boxes.

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    well the last couple nights he hasnt came around maybe he got the hint as you said when he had goten him self with a 110 coni and a number one jump many times. i think the number 1 would leave him with a sore foot after a few times of pulling it out. i did get a nice lil guy just now in one and rebaited and moved a couple boxes up under heavy cover and wired everything together. only problem is its a 100 lb rot and he has had no problem so far breaking my wire and breaking my box lids off. this time i took 3 strands of wires as long as the inside of my house and hooked one endto ahook in the wall and the other to my drill. i dont think hes gunna break it this time as it made for a very nice heavy easy to work wire.


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