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Thread: Motorized cataraft tracking fins... ish.

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    Default Motorized cataraft tracking fins... ish.

    Had an idea, don't know if anybody else has had this idea or tried it... but if you are going to be doing a fair amount of upriver running, or lake boating, come up with some device to attach to the tubes.

    Here is my idea... let me know if you have seen anything like this, or have any input.

    On the front of the tubes, there is a rubber fin, that will strap around the tubes, and you will have just enough fin in the water, to allow the raft to cut water and track, but not something that is going to get destroyed when it hits a rock. Something up towards the front... but not on the front so it will still be in water when you get your raft up to some speed with you board weighing the back down. Maybe sticks down 2-3"?

    One example that pops into my head is a bouy cut in half, with the attachment loop cut into more of a V, and put underwater, the body of the half of the bouy wrapped around the tube, and straps attached to the cutoff part around the tubes.

    Maybe I'm crazy.

    What you guys think?

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    I guess best would be a piece of hypalon with D-rings for straps, and a cutout in the bottom to slide a fin down into....


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