Just a heads up for anyone thinking about taking it out of there. Was riding around on Monday, and the trail is in pretty rough condition. There's very little snow in most places, and a lot of exposed rocks and stumps in the first 10 miles heading north from the trailhead. Be ready for a heck of a lot of pounding. Everything from that point is about 30% covered in overflow, which is acting pretty soft in places.

The dome dividing Boulder Creek and the Birch Creek watershed is pretty torn up, with next to no snow left on the trail itself. You can get up it, but only with a good running start, and if you avoid where previous machines have dug down to dirt (which is a large portion of the trail). A few folks with pullbehinds and Skandic 380s couldn't make it, nor an old and a new Bravo. It's probably less work to just go around the dome and save yourself some trouble. Out from there... more overflow, more thin snow. It just isn't looking great.

Anyhow, figure some of y'all might be interested to know if you're planning a trip down that trail. Pity the doggies that are going to run it in a few weeks (Who are we kidding, the dogs are going to have a blast).