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Thread: Where to buy a Dipnet?

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    Hi folks,

    Someone sent me a PM saying that somebody in here was looking to buy a dipnet. He mentioned a post I put up last year about a guy in Eagle River that makes some darn good ones, and wanted me to reply, but I can't find the post. Sooo... here's a cut and paste from what I wrote last year, hopefully whoever was looking for this will see it.


    Hey folks,

    If you're looking for a dipnet for those Kenai reds this year, I just ran into a guy who makes some pretty good ones. He'll also re-net (is that a word?) your frame if you need a new net. Here's the contact info:

    Ron Fuller
    Custom Dipnets

    He lives in Eagle River, Alaska. Great guy.

    I don't work for him, I don't sell his stuff, he isn't paying me under the table, and he hasn't given me any free gear. Just recommending him because he makes good stuff.

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    Donaldsons in Anchorage can make some good ones. They are on Silverado way. B&J sells some good stuff

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    Valley Home Center in Eagle River sells two types of dipnets. I'd go give them a look see.

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    Default DIY

    Do it yourself is a great way to go... I and many others derived a great deal of satisfaction from making one but it looks like the thread is focused on purchases... the Eagle River guy makes some seriously high quality nets as does the dude in sterling. You can buy the net from 3 Rivers in Wasilla or 3 Bears sells the whole shooting match for a decent price. The Eagle River guy makes some for the Copper and some for the Kenai/Kasilof - there is a great deal of difference in the water so take that into consideration before purchasing. Most places on the Copper are swift currents that you don't want to even wade up to your ankles in; let alone use a big net that you have to fight all day.
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