I'm looking for a 75" Otter sled to match the one I've got, but (while I may end up buying new) I want to NOT use the soft, less-durable polyethylene runner kit from Otter, if at all possible.

I'm a HUGE fan of UHMW for runners of all sorts. Preferably black UHMW.

The original poly runners on my older Otter appear to be approx. 5/8" thick, 1-3/16" wide, and 54" long. The 'journals' or channels formed into the sled's tub on the under-side, where the runners are to be mounted, are a snug fit. The old runners provide ample evidence of why I prefer UHMW.

We plan, if we go ahead and make this transition, to cut the rear of the runners at a 45-degree angle, to ease reversing with the sleds attached to the machines; something that the factory poly runners -should've- had from the beginning, in my opinion.. I'm also planning on slightly angling the cut at the front of the runners, where they fit snugly into the head of the runnner's pre-formed trough.

The factory runners stick out below the actual tub of the sled a fair bit. The local p-tex source I plan to use offers UHMW in 1/2" and 3/4" as the closest thicknesses to my needs, with, as stated, the factory runners being at 5/8" overall thickness.

1/2" thick p-tex would still permit for a 'proud' stance to extend downward from the tub, whereas 3/4" p-tex would stand 1/8" taller than the original, but 3/4" is somewhat more stubborn to work with than 1/2".

I have access to a fairly hot heat gun, and intend to increase the diameter of the backer washers to aid in lessening potential destruction/pull-through when cinching the screw/bolts, nuts, and washers to attach the runners.

When all's said and done, the cost isn't that much greater than the poly set from Otter, though our labor for attaching the six runners will be slightly greater, with counter-sinking screw holes, angle cuts, etc..

Has anyone done this?

What were your observations?