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Thread: 370 Sako Mag/ 9.3x66....where are you?

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    Default 370 Sako Mag/ 9.3x66....where are you?

    My wife picked me up a copy of Petersen's Hunting a couple days ago and in their "Cartridge Corner" section they wrote up a profile of the .370 Sako Mag.

    I've been following this one for a bit since Federal apparently dropped the ball big time and fumbled this cartridge's US release...I had sort of thought the toe tag was already on this cartridge Stateside.

    To my knowledge no American maker has chambered for the cartridge (although an 84L so chambered would be sweet) so I was surprised when it showed up in Petersen's magazine.

    Oh well- here's hoping for something new in this cartridge in 2013!
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    I liked it too, but no one picked it up. The 9.3x64 Brenneke has better specs as well (if you have to split hairs). From the 9.3x62 to the 375 H&H, the load tables put the 370 slower than the Brenneke - which I was surprised me.

    Like you say, Federal dropped the ball, they could have had a good competitor to the Ruger 375 if they'd tweaked it better.

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    Hodgeman, I know this is an old thread, but I thought I would chime in as I have always liked what I have read about the 9.3x66. I have wondered if what might have seriously wounded the 9.3x66 shortly after it was announced here in the States was the apparent decision by SAKO to have the 9.3x66 be what amounted to be in essence a proprietary cartridge from Hawk. It is a headscratcher as to why they would want to do that, as the 9.3x66 would be competing with the Hawk series of wildcats (good cartridges, BTW). IIRC, their shop had a lock on supplying the brass for it for awhile. Factory ammo was very expensive, even when done by Federal as the .370 Magnum it was $70.00 per box, when you could locate any.

    I'd like to know how it is doing in Europe - all it would take to modernize any strong M98 Mauser or Sako, etc in 9.3x57 or 9.3x62 would be a quick stab with the 9.3x66 reamer, and off you go. The fact that you can have 5 down and one up, as compared to the belted rounds, is very appealing for walking in the alder brush. I already have a 9.3x62 that Larry Brace put together for me on a double heat treated '03 action, and if i didn't have so much brass for it, I would thik very seriously about opening it up to 9.3x66. I also think it would be (just like the 10.75x68 Mauser) a great case for wildcatting to have something interesting on an '06 length action. A .410 caliber on the 10.75x68, with shoulder moved forward to a reasonable location could be fun to play with for a walking around gun in coastal Alaska.


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