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Thread: Silent Rider Muffler

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    I have a 2012 Polaris Ranger XP 4x4.
    Does anyone have an opinion about using this muffler on a new Ranger?
    How much noise do you loose?
    Do you loose power?
    They have a muffler for a home generator I am also thinking about.

    Are there other muffler companies that sell these types of products?

    Ken (Tiderunner)

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    Per there web site. "You can expect up to a 60% reduction in the exhaust noise of your ATV, with no loss in power and performance".

    60% reduction is not that much less noise and if there is no loss in power I would be surprise it really hard to not have any lost in power when you add a 2nd muffler. Why don't you just add a longer and bigger pipe to the end of your muffler and see what happen.

    A way of telling if the modification is causing a lost in power is the first muffler will get hotter.


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