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Thread: Zack is that you?

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    Default Zack is that you?

    I was browsing thru the Cabela's Adventures 2013 catalog looking at moose hunts. One of the ads had a success photo and one of the guys looks like our own nine footer. Zack if i'm mistaken, my apologies. If i'm right, you look very photogenic.

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    Default Zack is that you?

    Quote Originally Posted by redneck hunter View Post
    Zack if i'm mistaken, my apologies. If i'm right, you look very photogenic.
    In some states this might be considered flirting.. Haha kidding of course!

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    yep thats me...i personally think the moose is alot more photogenic than me though! you either saw Dan Cabela's moose (green scored 232 B&C) or you saw a return client of mine Steve Reminsky's bull, which went 218 without deductions...should squeeze a tad over 210 with deductions. we have a great new area with some truly outstanding moose and grizzly combos...proly the only place i can think of with an honest chance at a boone and crockett class animal of two species on the same hunt. both clients mentioned above got close range (less than 100 yrds) opportunities at mature male grizzly bears also. Dan's bull and boar are both in my albums, and i beleive Steve's bull is in my albums also. thanks for the kind words...though i still think the moose and bears take way better pictures than me....

    i just did the guiding on the hunts, as i'm not a contracting outfitter nor do i want to be (alot of outfitters dont hunt much) you saw the pic in cabela's cause they do some booking for my boss.

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    At least they didn't use the pics that they posted on the walls in the post offices Zach! Whew.....
    Congrats to you sir, you have served your clients with honor!
    When asked what state I live in I say "The State of Confusion", better known as IL....


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