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    Starting my planning now. Planning on a haul road rifle caribou hunt. Here's what I have thought out so far. Need help on gear list. And what else I need to think about to pull this off.

    Leaving late aug/ early sept dates still tentative.

    Six mil hike to be sure I clear the corridor.

    Ten days vacation leaving Fairbanks starts day one.

    Need good Sapir tire and extra fuel.

    Stop hunting day 7 or 8 to allow meat hauling. Approximately 1-2 days per bou

    2 resident hunters and one non resident hunter three people in total.

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    Light tarp
    Parachute cord
    Tent that will stand up in a hurricane
    100% Deet
    Plenty of food ( Light to carry stuff)
    Water Purification bottle ( there is no clean drinking water on the tundra)
    Water PROOF BOOTS ( Hip waders SUCK to walk 5 miles in )
    100 % Deet
    A Rubber Raft ( Depending on if you will be crossing the Sag or not )
    GPS ( You WILL get lost in the fog if not carefull )
    Rain PROOF pants
    Gortex coat with Layers.

    I use Frogg Toggs for rain gear ( They are VERY light to carry & have never let me down, plus they block the wind greatly )

    Light water proof gloves
    USGS map coated in plastic so it wont get wet
    Radios ( Not a neccesaty but hand to keep track of everyone in your group )
    a couple pairs of socks ( I wear Seal Skin extra dry neopreem ) They also help prevent blisters
    one or 2 sheets of Mole skin for blisters
    anti fog wipes for your optics or RainX wipes
    xtra bullets
    Oh Ya did I mention 100% DEET !!!!!!

    a good game plan with all three of you to understand exactly were you are trying to go on the USGS Map.

    Remember, Just because you go 6 miles back in, the haul road turns alot & you still might not be far enough from the road ( Especialy when you see a group of caribou. Always know were you are.
    The troopers WILL land there Supercub or the Helicopter on you.

    6 miles is a Hell of a long ways to pack out meat, Make SURE you remove ALL meat from the carcass because if they check you they will make you account for ALL of it.
    I would eat as much as I can before packing it that far.

    ALSO the ANTLERS MUST be the Last thing to come out of the feild or they will take your animal & give you a ticket.

    Also remember, Just because you get 6 miles out you might & probably will see other guys doing the same thing. There are a LOT of Very serious hunters up there that are not afraid to put miles on their boots.

    Good luck & oh Ya DONT FORGET THE DEET

    RJ Simington

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    One more thing I just thought about.

    If you plan on saving the Velvet on your Caribou , Call the taxidermist you plan on using BEFORE leaving on your trip & ask for how they want them taken care of.

    If they are coming to me >>>>>>>>>> DO NOT INJECT THEM WITH FOMALDAHIDE <<<<<<<<<

    RJ Simington


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