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Thread: Overflow on Carter and Crescent lakes?

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    Default Overflow on Carter and Crescent lakes?

    Thinking about heading to Carter/Crescent lake tomorrow for some ice fishing. Does anyone have a recent report on the area and overflow conditions? Fishing in a puddle of water is not too fun. Thanks in advance!

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    We were just up there today- we had originally planned to ride at Trail Lakes to Johnson Pass and bagged that because Trail Lake is under water. Carter lake was in good shape with only a couple spots I noticed with overflow. Crescent appeared to be in good shape but I didn't ride on it as I was having a mechanical issue and we had to turn around. The trail up from the Carter lake parking lot was also in relatively good shape- it's whooped out a bit but only one icy patch today.
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    Thanks for the reply. I decided to go yesterday anyway and was shut down by the overflow. At a glance the lake was fine. Even riding on it was no problem at all, but as soon as you stepped off the machine and kicked your foot into the snow, a puddle of water would form instantly. We searched the whole lake for one spot that had solid ice and couldn't find any. We talked to a couple of guys who spent the night at the crescent cabin and they said overflow on crescent lake was BAD, one of the guys actually broke through the ice along the shore and fell in up to his waist. The lake looked short of blue, while everything else looked white...bad sign. Fun day none the less and was able to do some fishing at summit lake on the way home. Lots of powder on the Kenai, and lots of avalanches to go with it!


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