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Thread: Advice on an external frame

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    Default Advice on an external frame

    Hi all,

    I need an external frame for pack. I plan on hauling in/out a lot of meat and gear. What are your recommendations for the best external frame. Thanks for advice....


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    Default Pack Discussion

    Hey Ron- here are a few links to discussions held earlier. The first link says a lot about what people prefer. Lots of good info on all of them. I ended up purchasing a Dana Internal, but I will try out a Barney's pack when I get to AK...gotta see what all the hype is about! Good Luck!

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    Default Barney's

    I have tried quite a few externals and without a doubt the Barney's is the best for me. I couldn't comfortably carry the amount of weight that I train with in any other pack I've tried.

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    Default Hauling

    If you are looking for a load hauler, I would take a gander at the NICE system by Mystery Ranch. From what I've read it has the fit and comfort of a internal, but the weight-carrying capabilities that meet or exceed any external out there. Dana's prices too high? Camelback now makes a version of the system (under contract with MR) that are almost as good but cost a little less (but are made overseas). Add the load sling and you are set...

    I have no personal experience with either, but system seems to make sense. Major drawback? They weigh considerably more than a Barney's frame.



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