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Thread: Cure for cabin fever

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    Default Cure for cabin fever

    Hey gang,

    It's been pretty dry over here so I thought I'd throw out a little picture thread from our first snowstorm in September 2012. Feel free to simply enjoy or post up a few of your own. I haven't been on the chase myself in quite some time but that's the best way to break up the cabin fever.

    The pictures say it was September so who am I to argue? We just got our first snow overnight so the mutt and I decided to go check on alpine conditions. The drive was pretty awesome with abundant foggy photo opportunities.

    Gypsy didn't know for sure what we were doing but she knew she had to be on her best behavior.

    We took to the trailhead and did some audible scouting for white-tailed ptarmigan. Of course the birds were up high in the fog. I laced up the boots and we started crossing boulder fields and underground streams. The 9+ inches of snow made rock hopping an interesting endeavor. I wouldn't recommend it but it made the day more memorable. I was struggling my way up in elevation while Gypsy worked the exposed blueberries and boulder caverns. Soon she was getting birdy and on the scent.

    We found where the birds had been earlier in the morning so we kept pushing upward to a traditionally good area. I could hear them close and I was hoping for an action series but they were just over a rise a few feet in front of me and the dog found them and they flew off before I ever laid eyes on them. They had been perched near the only exposed low bushes in the area. I crested and chased a few more off due to their lack of confidence in their transition plumage.

    I could have chased them further into the bowl but we had found them and we had a good time doing it.

    It was a fine day and I'm glad I have these memories for myself and to share with you. We live in a beautiful place. I guess I'm getting all sentimental with the new year approaching but I've really enjoyed being a part of this website, particularly this forum. As the great poet Jay-Z says, "May the best of your todays be the worst of your tomorrows."

    Go Big Red!

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    Right on! +1 cuz I can't give you anymore...go figure. You rock!!! Thanks for posting! I'm looking toward a good new year....
    That country was so hungry even the ravens were packin' a lunch.... HUNGRY I tell ya'!!


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