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    I was out on Sand lake again today with my friend and his kids, catching some little ones. I saw quite a few other guys out there, mostly on the Southwest side, over where that little channel runs out.
    Is anyone doing any good out there? It seems like every time I go out there I catch quite a few, but never anything bigger than 9 or 10 inches or so. Anybody catching anything bigger?

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    There are plenty of big fish in sand lake.... Some very nice bows and char.... However you may have to really move around to find them. I've done best in front of the sand lake elementary ( east end) dock, off the point toward the far west end at the mouth of the west bay, in the center of the west end bay, and of course right out in front of the mouth of the middle canal near the 80th ave access. Try bigger bait too like mid sized krocs, bright spoons, and 4" tube jigs tipped with shrimp work good too on the bigger guys

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    Went to Sand Lake sunday by the school and caught two 8-9" rainbows, a 12.5" rainbow and a 12" char. Really soft biters


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