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Thread: What kind of tent stakes do you use for winter camp?

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    Default What kind of tent stakes do you use for winter camp?

    I will be pitching a tent during Iditarod and want to know what type of staking do I need for the expected conditions? I don't imagine typical ground stakes work well in a foot or two of snow.

    I live in Texas, so assume absolutely no experience with snow other than seeing it in a globe when I shake it really really hard.

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    Pitching a tent in the snow...To start off, self supporting tents or tents that require a minimal number of stakes are a real nice thing to have when camping in snow. The most challenging conditions are when there's minimal snow cover and the ground is frozen like a rock. Heavy stakes and a lot of pounding are one option in those conditions. The "classic" winter tent "stake" is the "deadman" - essentially you want to bury something with enough surface area perpendicular to the line of force from the guy line. There are various makes and models of snow flukes that can be purchased commercially (these tend to be heavier than stakes - 6-8ozs each and bulky, but work well). Or you can use other field expedient objects - one or two tent stakes turned sideways and buried, skiis, ski poles, snowshoes, branches, etc. I do not like using my means of transport (skiis, snowshoes, poles) for deadmen - I hate losing my means of moving around effectively. Even regular ground stakes will work fine in some snow conditions - the "y" shaped ones or even better, the broad, military-style aluminum stakes.


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