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Thread: Media Quiet About San Antonio Theater Shooting

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    Default Media Quiet About San Antonio Theater Shooting

    Another shooting that didn't make the news cause it was halted by an off duty cop who finished the job.


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    Default Media Quiet About San Antonio Theater Shooting

    Of course they are quiet, it doesn't fit into their agenda. If might shine a positive light on firearms and we all know that we can't have that.

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    In the media world "If it bleeds it leads". INSTEAD we have a police officer defuzing the situation the same way any number of people could have with their concealed weapon. It will however make it as a gun related death on the FBI stats.
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    Of course the stories of how guns save people in every day life in America doesnt hit the news.....That would make too much sense. My friend read that the Bushmaster used in CT was only used to shoot the suspect's mother and then left in the car, and that hand guns were used in the crimes. Regardless the evil black rifle was the culprit again. Ignorance is killing our rights and every dumb American that doesn't know the difference in a clip, magazine, assualt rifle, or the second Amendment is jumping on the band wagon with this crap...I guess when intruded break into your residence, a 5 shot 38 special with trigger lock, registered, ammo seperate, licensed with frangible rounds and pink carebears etched onto the grips is gonna be about the only weapon avaliable, that's after the first 2 rounds are warning shots and made of biodegradable marshmallow, then 911 has to be dialled and deadly force authorized before you can pull the trigger. This garbage is out of control...
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