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    Good evening,
    I promise I did a lot of research before I got on here to ask this question but I am wondering about land access in units 14a/b and 13a/b for black bear hunting. I am considering moving my Kenai hunt to this area instead. The national forest access was a no brainer but I'm not sure if most of the area I am looking at (unit 13 mainly around the Matanuska river) is state owned or not. Not asking for details on specific areas but if you know of any closed or off limits areas around there it would be helpful.

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    Default Land Access

    Go to AK DNR Alaska mapper website and you can map out property that has been surveyed.

    The mat-su borough also has a GIS system for property.

    There is a lot of ANSCA land along the Mat on both sides.

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    Hunting GPS Maps ( has the state of AK on their site. A little pricy, but well worth it. I used it last fall for moose hunts and it detailed where all public/private land was, where I was, what GMU we were in, etc...


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