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Thread: Cured Roe?

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    Default Cured Roe?

    Anyone have a good recommendation on where to buy good quality eggs, I have tried the tubs from alaska bait company and they never work. Usually I have to catch a king on a lure first, then I have good cured eggs to use. Used all mine last year for silvers.

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    I really can't recommend as I always use my own cured eggs.

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    I haven't found any eggs that can be bought that work any where near as well as home cured or fresh eggs.
    But if there are any I would be interested in knowing

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    Look for some Nates Bait eggs. Trustworthy Hardware in Soldotna carried this last year and I believe Tim Bergs seafood/processor place on K-Beach also had them for sale. They're spendy...$12 a tub at TW! They're a much better product though.

    Most of those AK Bait Co eggs are pretty useless, unless you luck into a really fresh batch. Most I've found have been frozen once or twice. I found a way last year to make them work a little better. It's a pain in the butt and takes some time, but when you don't have any eggs, it's a last resort effort.

    What I did is take three tubs of these eggs and recured them with an egg cure recipe on Bob Ball's Piscatorial Pursuits website (he posts on here from time to time). Check it out here: The Worlds Best Eggs

    Note that your three tubs of eggs will actually end up being about 1 1/2 to 2 tubs of useable bait in the end. You'll end up with a lot of loose eggs, that you could use if you tied them up into roe sacs. This whole process won't turn them into great bait, but they did last longer on the hook...and long enough to get me some fresh eggs to cure last summer!

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    google amerman eggs. he is in oregon he makes a pritty good product and good is a link


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