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Thread: Member of the Year 2012 (Nominate and Vote)

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    Default Member of the Year 2012 (Nominate and Vote)

    Outdoors Directory
    Member of the Year

    For the fourth year at Alaska Outdoors Supersite, we are excited to acknowledge and award individual members who contribute to the outdoors community in Alaska who are active members of our Alaska Outdoors Supersite.
    This year we will be considering individuals who display characteristics that provide benefits to the other members by:

    1. Creating and sustaining a welcoming environment for new members and guests.

    2. Showing respect to members and guests, regardless of their residency, experience, attitudes, or views.

    3. Making positive contributions to the site (providing practical answers to posted questions, initiating threads that are of value to the outdoors community, etc.)

    4. Members that are in good standing via their ‘Reputation’ which includes a limited number of infractions given by the Moderators of Outdoors Directory

    Nomination and Voting Process
    Nominate and Vote your fellow member for Forum Member of the Year between December 29, 2012 at 12:00am and will be closing December 31, 2012 at 11:59pm. You will have 72 hours to nominate and vote.
    Nominations and votes that are received after this time period will not be accepted.

    Forum Member of the Year will be announced January 1, 2013.

    Any registered Member or Moderator can nominate and vote. Whether you live in Alaska, Lower 48, Canada or another country, as long as you are a registered member in Alaska Outdoors Supersite, you can nominate and vote.
    Your nomination and vote are one in the same this year which is different from previous years. This will help alleviate duplications of nominations and votes and to assist with helping you save time.

    Most members and moderators of the Alaska Outdoors Supersite will be eligible unless stated otherwise in the process of Member of the Year.

    Nominations and votes will be disqualified if a member or moderator submits themselves for Forum Member of the Year.

    If there are multiple nominations or votes from a same member, only the first submission will be received, entered, and counted.

    If a member is Banned from Outdoors Directory, their nomination or vote will not be accepted.

    Members or Moderators that are Ineligible
    Michael Strahan – Webmaster is ineligible because he will oversee the process of Member of the Year.
    Brian M – Forum Admin is ineligible because he is Forum Admin and will act as the Moderator Representive.
    COtoAK – Member is ineligible because she is the Member Representative.
    Michael Strahan, Brian M, and COtoAK will not be submitting a nomination or vote for Member of the Year.

    Bushrat – Member of the Year 2008

    Vince – Member of the Year 2009

    Stid2677 – Member of the Year 2011

    Have you been Nominated?
    If you have been nominated, you may be requested by Outdoors Directory a brief biography and 4 photos to be displayed either via forum board, webmail, website, or newsletter via email.

    Media Release
    You consent to participation by quotes, photographs, videos, and allow for edit, use, and reuse media for non-profit purposes including print, on the internet, and all other forms of media. You also release Outdoors Directory, it’s agents, moderators, or sponsors from all claims, demands, and liabilities associated with this media release.

    Awards and Prizes are to be announced in the duration of the Forum Member of the Year process.
    Once the Member of the Year is announced, awards prizes will be distributed directly and immediately available to the Member of the Year and the Member of the Year can do as they please with their awards and prizes.

    How to Enter Your Nomination or Vote
    Your nominations and votes will only be accepted at

    In the subject line, enter (Member’s or Moderator’s Name) for (Member’s or Moderator’s Name).

    In your email, please state the reasons why you feel as if the Member of Moderator should be nominated or voted including specific encounters or occurrences that display why your certain member or moderator should be Member of the Year.

    Let the nominating and voting begin!
    Member of the Year Team
    Come and visit our newly renovated and modified website at:

    Our Bookstore is open, too!

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    30 more minutes.
    Come and visit our newly renovated and modified website at:

    Our Bookstore is open, too!


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