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Thread: Beads are not flies for purposes of "fly-only" water.

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    Default Beads are not flies for purposes of "fly-only" water.

    (Thought I would post this here as well, though I doubt most of you were as ignorant as I on the subject.)

    I was going over the regs and it never occurred to me that beads were not fly's and are illegal in "fly only" waters. I have been fly-fishing for years and must admit that I have used beads (not attached to the hook) on the Russian under shear ignorance, and have seen many others do likewise. This is the first year that I have noticed the regs actually making the distinction. For it to be considered a fly the bead must be attached to the hook (as oppossed to suspention above the hook with a toothpick). I find it interesting that in the past the regs provided a picture of the correct way to measure the bead/hook distance in the section dealing with the Russian. Anyways, heres to swinging leaches and drifting flesh paterns from now on -- beads are too easy anyway.

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    That distinction is new as of last year. Beads that are attached to the fly are OK, so a little creative tying and you can be legal.

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    If I understand the regs correctly you can peg a bead in flyfishing waters as an "attractor" as long as it is above a fly not a bare hook. This brings us to what is a fly? I believe that if you had a hook with some thread attached to it you would be able to pass that off as a fly. In the store at brooks camp they sell just such a set up. Brooks River is a fly fishing only above the bridge and is closely protected water.

    If you have issues with just thread attached to a hook you can tie up some Pt Nymph. Anyway this is just a way to fulfill not sidestep the regs.

    Hope this helps in some way.



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