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Thread: Trapping in the DHCMA

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    Default Trapping in the DHCMA

    I pose this question so our collective thoughts perhaps will form a consensus.

    Is trapping allowed in the Dalton Highway Corridor Management Area? I can find nowhere in the trapping regulations that state trapping is not allowed in the DHCMA. The hunting regulations clearly state that it is closed to hunting; however, big game, small game, and fur animals may be taken in the area by bow and arrow only under a hunting license. However, as we all know, you can shoot furbearing animals under a trapping license. That being the case, if I am driving the haul road and I happen to see a fox or wolf, I should be able to stop my vehicle and shoot the fox or wolf with a rifle as long as I am not on the roadway or shoot across it. How do you guys interpret this?

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    Under a trapping license, shooting is an acceptable method of "take" for canids. That being said, I would still contact the enforcement guys for their take on the subject, as they will be the ones you have to deal with should they see things differently along the Dalton corridor.

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    Your interpretation is correct. Trapping along the DHCMA is allowed, and you can trap with a rifle. The firearm restriction applies to the big game hunting regulation only. If it's legal to take with your trapping license along the DHCMA, it's legal to take with a firearm. Good Luck!!


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