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Thread: just finished my A&P writtens

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    Default just finished my A&P writtens

    Wow, it was a challenge to learn the FAA terms of everything. The laugh to the whole thing is there were questions on a prop used on the B17 , jet engines with afterburner (very popular today in the sport market) and of course the always popular green design low bypass jet engine. I guess it partly paying dues to get the licence and something to write about on the internet. Looking forwardn to finishing up after the holidays. Merry Christmas to all, Tom

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    Congrats on your written results...Now I can't get my computer to scroll down... I just received a new box with windows 8,,,,,,,, what a huge change I can't figure out how anything works and can-not check my e-mails.........Alex
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    Nicely done Tom,
    B17's, afterburners...nice...just like we used to say in the USCG...200 years of tradition unhampered by progress...Or the FAA motto...We're not happy until you're not happy...

    Congrats again and Merry Christmas to you and your family

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    Well when I did my Airline Transport Pilot Certificate, The written was based on FAR 121 and the Boeing 727 Airplane. They didn't even had an FAR-135 version of the written. Nor could you buy the FAA question book like you can now. You just have to do what you have to do, you are now one step closer to having an A+P certificate in your wallet. So what if you have to know some stuff about B-17 propellers written. Hey I got to fly an aircraft with a Wright R-1300 in it. So I got to study all about that engine and its care and I will most Likely never fly it again. But I gotten the chance to. Who knows you may get the chance at some point to turn a wrench on a B-17!! Good for you and Merry Christmas!!


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