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Thread: Gun powder residue on brand new S&W 500

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    Default Gun powder residue on brand new S&W 500

    So I ordered a brand new 500 from Bud's gun shop on When I went and picked it up from my FFL, I noticed gun powder residue in all of the cylinder holes and the end of the barrel. I instantly felt a sick feeling in my stomach that I had been had. I called Bud's and they assured me it was brand new and that I could call Smith and Wesson and give them the serial number of the gun and they could reassure me it was in fact brand new. So I called S&W and they told me that it was a brand new gun and that there was a hull in a sealed bag that had the test person's initials and the date it was test fired. They told me that they used to wipe off all of the residue on their guns and that people were calling saying that they had never been test fired. Now they leave it on there and people call and say the gun is used. I told him thanks and that people just could not be pleased! haha

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    Guns are tested with a proof load which has much more pressure than they are rated for, these rounds leave the residue on the cylinders and forceing cone/frame area. If you wish to remove this residue from the cylinder and frame there is a product called "Lead Away" which will wipe it off with just a little effort. Lead Away is a chemicaly treated cloth that makes a stainless steel or chrome gun look like new; it will however make a blued gun look like a stainless gun with little use; It simply wipes the blue off a gun, with a little elbow grease.
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