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Thread: WTB ice fishing spear/gear

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    Default WTB ice fishing spear/gear

    At the risk of breaking the rules and posting this where I shouldn't....

    If anyone is willing to part with a spear or is looking to sell one for a decent price, I'd like to buy it. Also, I'd be interested in ice tongs for pulling the block of ice out of the hole and a big-***** saw for cutting through the ice. Basically, all the stuff I'd need to go spear some pike besides the shelter and the killer instinct.


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    use a chainsaw w/ veggie oil instead of bar oil on the chain.... use a stick or a bar to push the block(s) under the ice instead of hauling them up. (the snowmachiners racing across the ice will thank you for that later) I made my own spear in highschool shop class... pretty easy if you have access to a torch and some small round stock/smooth rebar.

    good luck


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