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Thread: There's a new kid in town...

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    Congratulations it's a Ruger. A shiney new Redhawk in 44 with a 4" barrel, weighing a scant 47 ounces. It is equipped with Hogue special rubber grips with a Ruger hawk emblem molded into the grip. The grip is something different. Very functional with a rest for the pinky and a chunk of grip below the trigger guard to get the grip lower and aid in the pointability of the gun.

    This grip is far better for my hand than the grip for the Super Redhawk Alaskan. I would only make a couple of changes with this one. I would install Bowen Rough Country sights and it should be offered in 480 Ruger caliber. It is at Arctic Gunworks, in Fairbanks, my gun smith's place.
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    Murphy if you shoot this gun I sure would like to know what you think about it I've sure been eyeing one down here pretty hard I have small hands and it felt pretty good in my hand just couldn't talk the store into letting me shoot it without buying it first...thanks Ronnie


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