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Thread: Where to access Kasilof for Kings?

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    Default Where to access Kasilof for Kings?

    It's been a looooooooong time since I fished the Kasilof (bank fishing) and I can not remember how to get there. I do remember having to pay to park, though. Would someone mind giving me directions (north from Homer, or south from Anchorage). Thanks.

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    Default Kasilof

    Take The Highway South Past Soldotna Around 15 Miles, Go Over Kasilof River Bridge And Up The Hill And Take A Right On Cohoe Loop Rd. Follow That For About 2-3 Miles And On Right Is A Brown State Park Sign That Says Crooked Creek State Park An Arrow Points Right. Follow The Dirt Road A Quarter Mile And You Are There.

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    You tha man. Thanks.


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