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Thread: Pigot Bay access?

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    Default Pigot Bay access?

    Any thoughts on how to access the Pigot Bay Forest Service Cabin in Prince William Sound december 27-30? All of the water taxi services based out of Whittier are shut down for the week between Christmas and New Years.

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    Talke to friends with boats, walk the Whittier docks to inquire. Check to see if the boat rental place in Whittier is operating. Possibly ren/borrow something in ANC to take down. Definately keep an eye on the weather because Passage Canal and Pigot bay can get some nasty waves to deal with. The anchorage off the Pigot cabin is gravel and does not hold well in bad weather. Hope you make it, would be a great time to be there.

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    I highly recommend using a floation device :-)......

    The above suggestions are your best bet.... It is tough to find people willing to take their boats out this time of year. It is hard to clean them and flush them in these temperatures unless you have a large heated garage.

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    The Whitter Boat Rental closes down in September for the year. Don't know of any charters that are still operating. I've anchored off the cabin and it definately doesn't have a good bottom for holding in any type of nasty weather. Make sure you take a Sat phone with you. That's what saved the two guys who went in the water at Harrison.
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