Hi folks,

For some time we have wanted to put some training videos together to help our members learn how to accurately judge animals in the field. We are going to do that in three ways:

1. Photographs. We will use photos of animals of known size / sex in a "flash card" style presentation.

2. Articles. We will use articles written by qualified field judges of big game animals, which will also include graphics.

3. Video. We will use video footage of animals of known size / sex to acquaint hunters with what to look for in a big game animal.

We are assembling this content this winter. If you have any of the above, and you don't mind sharing it with the community here, please email the appropriate files to me and we will add them to the pile. We hope to complete this project soon, but it's fairly complex so bear with us. Currently we are looking for information on the following species:

Moose. We are trying to help hunters determine what a legal moose looks like. In most cases this means determining whether it's a spike / fork, a bull with an antler spread greater than 50", or a bull with three or four brow tines.

Caribou. We need material showing how to distinguish between a bull and a cow (both have antlers, of course).

Bear (black bear and brown / grizzly bear). We need material on determining sex and trophy size (squared size of the hide in particular).

Dall Sheep. We are looking for information on determining legal rams (full curl, or broomed both sides, or eight years of age).

We think this is a very worthwhile project, and we know our members have a ton of video and photos to help us train the current and next generation of hunters. Obviously the best video and photos involve animals where the size / sex / legality was determined on the ground (we don't want video or photos where we have to guess the size). In most cases this means that the animals were actually harvested and measured.

As we gather this content, we will assemble it and host it on our hunting pages on the site. We will then post an announcement in the forums, so you all can check it out.

Thanks for you help!

Best regards,