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Thread: congrats to mgmt on conquering that spam invasion

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    Thumbs up congrats to mgmt on conquering that spam invasion

    All that dumb spam sure was aggravating to see. Some individual in the Internet-sphere wants to get rich off of the rest of us; that's what a spammer is.

    Whatever this site did to correct or fight this problem sure is working. And that's saying something. Most spam is designed to be impervious to being fought successfully, at least in the long run. What I'm seeing now is zero spam here.

    Again, many congratulations to the management here, for this accomplishment.

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    Glad to hear some feedback. Yep, I think we have found a way to nip it in the bud, and I must say that our membership is steadily growing daily. From time to time, we still see a spammer come thru, but it's because they were registered before we found a way to cut them off. I think it was around November 17, we found a way around it. Merry Christmas to all of our forum members.


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