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Thread: Big Lake Report 12-17-2012

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    Default Big Lake Report 12-17-2012

    Tried Big Lake today in the afternoon. We were the only mentalcases out there in -20. The auger wouldn't start until we took a ride to Flat Lake and warmed it up inside the truck, so next time we won't leave it in the truck bed on the way to the lake. It was the first time I used a Quickfish which was 10 degrees warmer inside, and I'm sure it will be great for a day with some wind.

    We tried around the southern part of the island east of Burnt Point in about 20' of water. It was hard to tell the actual depth because we forgot the dammed skimmers and I was only using a small pink Aerojig on cheap, stiff line that I was too lazy to change. The other guys were trying Krocs. No bites, but luckily nobody froze their balls off (although they might have made good bait on another lake).

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    we froze today on a keppler bradly lake and only got a couple small ones.... my thorattle spring was pretty frozen and only had to pull the trigger once today and it stayed open pretty much like cruise control.
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    I had the same luck on Kepper Bradley Sunday, just one small rainbow, I should have stayed on Lucille.
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