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Thread: Is Turnagain Pass Open??

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    Default Is Turnagain Pass Open??

    I was looking at the trail reports on the anchorage snowmobile clubs website and turnagain pass is written in green (open) but then next to it it says there is not enough cover to protect vegetation and to hope for more snow? So is it open or no?
    - confused guy who wants to go riding.

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    Sweet deal thanks man!

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    For Twenty Mile, Placer, Skookum, Turnagain, Carter Lake, Lost Lake, etc...please check monitor the Chugach Avalanche Information Center ( They will be one of the first places you'll find reporting if one of these areas is opened or closed. They will also give you the daily avalanche conditions.

    I believe their reports are updated by approximately 7am each day (5 days a week this winter season).

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    Thanks for the website man! I was looking at a different one, this one looks much more reliable!


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