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Thread: Berretta 92 fs magazines

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    Default Berretta 92 fs magazines

    I have an opportunity to buy some Check-Mate Industries 15 round mags. I know their was a problem with the quality/finish of them in early/mid 2005-07 time frame. These are new and available at a decent price. Any body have any pros/cons. Thanx in advance for your input.

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    I believe the mil standard required finish was a rough phospate, which collected fine dust and sand in the desert. Since I cleaned my M9 and the mags daily I had no problem with the Checkmates. Should be OK if you don't take them to Iraq. Make sure they go into your gun OK.

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    Thank-you for the reply. I have not been on the forum because of work. I have ordered some of these. I will respond with my thoughts.


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