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Thread: Skulls mounted by Myself

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    Default Skulls mounted by Myself

    dec 041.jpg This is what I came up with. All animals were killed with my my glock 20, bear obviously head shot at close range with 10mm! Top is a fox, head shot with .22lr kit, and snowshoe hare head shot w/ same and at point plank. The other cool thing is my dog, Nellie, faught with the fox, caught the bunny on her own, and sniffed out the bear for us in thick tall brush! The plaque I made outa oak, bobbed the corners and routered the edges with a slight bevel. Forget the color of stain, but it's cool, I like the redish look, instead of dark walnut or the like.

    The other thing I like about this method of mount is the lower jaws are hot glued on, could drill from back of plaque if a huge brown bear or such and screw also. But this allows the skull to be removed for inspection and cool factor! Then just hang them back on the lower jaw! Better than just sitting on a shelf, plus this is a collection of my glock n dogs kills! Room to add more small game!

    Skulls are just boiled, then clear coated with spray satin oil base finish.

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    Nice job, akrstabout. I mount my bear skulls with open mouths. Drill 1/16" holes in the lower and upper mandibles and insert wire "pins", which are than cut off. Invisible, and very effective, if you like open mouth bear skull mounts.


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