THis case, has the ability to affect many who hunt in these areas.. as it is the hunters who are getting hassled. by NPS... we had another incident this year, similar to the wilde. case that is still under investigation.. but in short.. more strong arm tactics by our favorite park rangers..

[QUOTE]Belowis a message from SCI asking for information on any incidences you or yourfriends have had concerning the National Park Service restricting you fromusing a watercraft on State owned navigable waters. John Sturgeon, amember of Alaska Outdoor Access Alliance has been actively pursuing his RIGHTto use his hovercraft on the Yukon Charley portion of the Yukon River. He needsyour support with this lawsuit. Patti Barber

Member Alert! PleaseRead the following from our SCI Attorney, Anna Seidman. If you've had such anexperience and can help Anna out, please let us know.

Eddie Grasser
Regional Rep.

Dear SCI Alaska Members:
SCIís Litigation attorneys are considering SCIísparticipation in a case in which an individual hunter and the State of Alaskahave sued the National Park Service for illegally restricting the use ofstate-owned navigable waters within National Park System units of land. We are looking for SCI Alaska members who have been harmed by the National ParkService exercising this authority:
The National Park Service has issued regulationsgiving themselves the authority to prohibit, restrict and/or require permitsfor certain activities that take place on state waters that run through unitsadministered by the National Park Service. For example, restrictions havebeen imposed on activities on waters such Noatak River tributary in NoatakNational Preserve; Bear Glacier Lake in Kenai Fjords National Park; the Yukon,Nation and Tatonduk Rivers in Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve; and theNaknak River in Katmai National Park and Preserve. The National Park Servicehas, for example, prohibited certain motorized vehicles, including privatehelicopters and hovercraft and has required permits for kayaking and dogmushing business on such waters and their banks.
Safari Club would like to know if you have beenprohibited or restricted by the National Park Service in your use of navigablewaters within a National Park Service unit, in a way that has interfered withyour hunting, guiding or access to hunting areas. NOTE: THIS IS NOTAN INQUIRY ABOUT EXPERIENCES WITH VEHICLE OR WATERCRAFT SAFETY CHECKS. Ifthe NPS has prohibited or restricted your use of navigable waters within aNational Park in Alaska, please contact Anna Seidman, Director of Litigation,Safari Club International,

Anna M. Seidman
Director of Litigation
Safari Club International
501 2nd Street NE
Washington, D.C. 20002