Very interesting information in this forum. I've known people who trap but never done it myself. It is definitely an outdoor skill I am interested in learning more about. I just might give it a shot after I move up there for a winter hobby to break up the monotony of ice fishing. Would it be too much of a waste of time to say, set some snares to maybe catch some fox or whatever that I can check on during hikes, showshoeing, or snowmachineing? I wouldn't be too concerned about catching a lot just would like to learn a new skill. How far away might I have to travel to find an area (Anchorage/Eagle River)?

Also I would not get into this without learning a lot more than I know now (almost nothing) and end up starting some kind of trapper vs. trapper or trapper vs. non-trapper conflict. I just think it would be an interesting and educational thing to get into and if I happen to pick up a few bucks that's more money towards the other outdoors stuff I like.

Another question, does a .22 caliber hole in the head greatly reduce the price of a fur?