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Thread: Alaska Waterfowl Association is now on facebook

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    Default Alaska Waterfowl Association is now on facebook

    Thanks to Matt Offrink and his computer skills, the AWA now has a up and running facebook page, listed as Alaska Waterfowl Association, it is easy to find. We enourage you all to add pictures of you, your hunting trips, your dogs, and anything else waterfowl related. Big thanks to Matt for setting this up for us. Feel free to make any suggstions that might improve it. Bud

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    Default AWA Facebook

    After some discussion with Shaun we decided to move forward on this project. Matt took lead and did a great job getting the page up. Together he and I are running Admin data. It is as you know going to be an ongoing project with constant upgrades, picture downloads..etc you name it. I put a few on there today in order to get some albums started. I also put out a message for members to submit photos, ideas, suggestions etc. I want to say we are limitless with technology these days..but there are always some issues with this stuff.

    We want to see 100 likes by next week..the more the better and AWA gets recognized and on the map. We will be updating if not daily as fast as we can manage it. Matt and I will be coming up with some promotional ideas and proposals later on. IF you have ideas or some marketing skills..hit us up and we can implement them. Great tools to get AWA more members through the media. I will be working on it over the weekend and encourage photos be sent to the email on the site for download to the albums. If you want to post on the site..feel free to do so and encourage other members as well. Every member of AWA has connections, the more the better. The connection you have now will help with our marketing plan for AWA in the future.

    Not going to use AOD to promote this..but know that allot of you have contributed allot to the getting AWA back on track and as Shaun put it..."moving forward in the direction he has envisioned" We are excited about this and want our members to be as well.

    Thanks and see ya over there.

    Feel free to contact us on FB anytime.

    President of Alaska Waterfowl Assoc.
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