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Thread: Anyone shoot light cast bullets?

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    Default Anyone shoot light cast bullets?

    I've just started casting bullets again after moving last year. I started with 45/70 bullets and then went on to pistol bullets. Sadly I have yet to buy my first pistol mold, I have several that I borrow to cast with though. The friend that lets me have free run of his mold blocks has always been a 41 shooter but does have some 357 stuff and one 44 mold. The 44 is Lyman's 215gr SWC GC, with the alloy I've been using they weight 218 lubed and checked. They shoot good and when cast hard you can crank the velocity way up there with Accurate No9 according to their data, which is the only book I have that lists this bullet. The dilemma is that other than cans and rocks, I can't think of a really good use for this bullet. Has anyone used this weight for hunting? I would think they would be okay for smaller big game, after all they are still heavier than the old standby 41 bullet. I just haven't found anyone else who uses this bullet. Your thoughts?

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    Id think it would be fine even up to boo size game, not the best option but dead critter is dead critter.
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    My favorite .44 Mag is the 250 gr Keith and 320 gr flat nose NEI but I see no reason the 215 gr wouldn't kill just as well if you put em in the right spot. I bet if you punched a hole thru moose ribs and caught a lung or heart it would be fresh liver and onions for dinner.
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    Not cast, but the lightest 44 bullet I've used on game (deer only) are the old Remington 180 grain HP and Sierra 180 grain JHC. At max vels they were pretty violent on flesh inside about 30 yards. Dinked around with the Sierra 210 JHC and shot a few deer after that. It held together better at all ranges and was a better expander at long range than either the Remington 240 grain HP or Sierra 240 grain JHC.

    Can't guarantee how that would translate into performance of a cast 215 grain SWC, but my guess is that for deer and probably caribou, it would be absolutely dandy. Running up to moose and elk I'd be "okay" with a 240 SWC, but happier with a 300 or so.


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