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    Seems like after Christmas spending spree is over, that last spring Cabela's had some real good discount coupons. Does anyone remember what was the best coupon deal spring 2012. What was the highest amount offered as discount.......? I am holding off on the FoxPro caller purchase.

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    The most I recall receiving was $150.00 and I am a "club member" and card holder.

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    It seems to me that the best deal was 15% off a minimum purchase of $150.
    Keep your eyes open for a free shipping coupon, too. You might want to check to see if either Cabelas or Bass Pro will offer any special discounts for their "grand openings" in Anchorage. BP is supposed to be this spring, but Cabelas not until 2014.

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    I have 4 cords of catalogs sent to me, do they have any value?

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    Quote Originally Posted by anchorrivercrowds View Post
    I have 4 cords of catalogs sent to me, do they have any value?
    YES, I soak them in water for several days, and use them for bullet expansion & bullet structural integrity tests.


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