dont know how many of you guys/gals know about this so i thought i would spread the word.

tournament day will be May 12th, 2007
* all boats must be entered by 6:30 pm Friday May 11th
*Fishing hours will be from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm . tournament boundaries
are from Diamond Creek to Stariski Point
*entry fee $ 20.00 required, proceeds from this fee will go to the South Penninsula Sportsmans Association.
*an auction featuring the honorable Mr. Stan Herrington as auctioneer will be held at the Anchor River Inn @ 7:00 pm Friday May 11th
*hawaiian chicken dinner @ 6:00 pm perceeding the auction ($ 14.95)
Please contact Merle Wolford for reservations (235-7427)
* the decision to fish (because of weather) will be made by the boat launch owner & Merle Wolford.

This is a great time, chance to win a little money,and a great benefit for the South Penninsula Sportsman Assoc, who use the proceeds for many great kids programs. The real nice part is there are many small boats that fish this derby so its not an ANY TYPE of weather thing. there are usually only 25 to 30 boats that fish this derby mostly because no knows about it.

Hope i have not over stepped my bounderies by putting this on here, I have no vested interest in the tournament, I just love friendly competition!! hope to see some of you there! Greg