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Thread: Caribou draw hunt question

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    Default Caribou draw hunt question

    I want to put my wife and I in for some of the unit 13 caribou hunts but my since wife drew it this year (still need to fill that tag too) can she put in for it gain since they added more tags? We had originally put her in for DC482.

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    Straight from the draw supplement "If you received a drawing permit last year, you are ineligible to receive a drawing permit for the same hunt this year" So she isnt eligible to receive DC482 again.
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    I know that much, I should have been a bit more specific, my fault. I asked this question because F&G changed the hunt and opened up all the areas to hunt and I'm not sure how that might have affected this years draws. I'll put a call into F&G and see what they have to say. Thanks again.

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    She can put in for the other unit 13 caribou hunts (as long as your household isn't putting in for the tier I of course), just not that specfic hunt DC 482. It doesn't matter that they combined the hunt areas this year. They did not change the hunt numbers that people received permits for. She still got the permit for DC 482, it just had an expanded hunt area from what was originally advertised for it.

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    Ok, clarified it with F&G and you guys are correct. Appreciate the info.

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    Excellent question, by the way. Hadn't thought of that.


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