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Thread: Fairbanks area day rental

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    Default Fairbanks area day rental

    I will be in Fairbanks next month. My family and I would like to rent canoes or kayaks for a 2 to 4 hour float down the Chena upstream of Fairbanks. We did this when we were in Fairbanks in the mid-90's and it was very nice. I can't find the card for the company that we rented from then.
    Can you recommend a good rental in the Fairbanks area that can help us select put in and take out points, rent us either 2 canoes or three solo kayaks and a tandem, and ferry us to to the put in and pick us up at the take out?
    I appreciate your thoughts and advice.


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    Hi Lindsey,
    There is an outfit at Pioneer Park (formerly known as AlaskaLand) right on the river at the Peger road bridge that rents canoes. Kayaks also I think. They have trailers, etc. so I'm sure they ferry you up river. I've never used them myself.


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    A company that recently relocated to the Richardson Hwy, between N. Pole and Fbks, and that covers everything from scuba diving to canoeing/rafting is called 'Test the Waters Adventure Sports'. They used to rent canoes, and may still. (907-490-4444). Nice folks, based on my limited time conversing with them, though I've never rented anything there.

    There's also Independent Rental. More of a 'we-have-everything-you-might-want-to-rent' sort of outlet, advertises canoes, rafts, and aluminum lake boats. never rented any of those from them either. (907-456-6595).

    Then there's also the place that Snyd is referring to, right on the Chena River, on Peger Rd, just North (more or less) from Alaska Land, or whatever they're calling it this year..(Paddler's Cove Outfitters). Also very nice folks, though, again, I've never rented anything from them. (907-457-2453).

    Additionally, there's these listed in the 2006/2007 telephone directory:

    Alaska Wilderness Enterprises: (907)-488-7517


    Wilderness Canoe Adventures: (907)-452-8968.

    I also don't know if Beaver Sports might not have a rental program. (907)-479-2494. Good folks as well.

    Again, I haven't done any canoe renting type business with any of these folks, though I've talked to several of them at one time or another.

    I also can't swear that the telephone directory didn't improperly list any of these numbers, or reassign them..... or even guarantee that all of these businesses are still open. I wouldn't be at all surprised to find that at least two of them are no longer in business.

    Hope this is of help, although the increased number of choices, though fair to vendors, makes choosing one somewhat more complex.



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