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Thread: Check out this site for tie down eyes and rigging

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    Default Check out this site for tie down eyes and rigging

    Saw this on THT and thought you all would be interested with all the junk we tie on our boats some of this stuff might be real handy

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    Some good ideas for sure, only potential issues I'm thinking of,...
    when the cooler or chair is not there, kickin in to those eyebolts spread around on the deck

    Seems hard to do this much to the deck, but if you're already drilling through it to mount the eye bolts,...

    would it be better to use those fold away eye ring deals, know, like hatch cover finger grabbers,
    that when not being pulled on, drop down into a depression

    Here they are,...takes a little more work, larger intrusion into the deck material,...but if done right, easy to seal up well,...
    tho they might not be strong enough, all the pull would be on the hinge,
    may not be built for the twisting action of a good jolt on the cooler turnbuckle
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    Just ordered 2 of the bucket tie downs. Thanks for sharing info on this simple useful bracket.


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