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    Angry Hours Meter

    Has anyone heard of an hours meter advancing inaccuarately? I bought my boat 2 years ago with around 400 hours on the meter. The first year I put about 90 hours on the boat. The second year I only went out about 5 days but did not check the meter that I can remember. Just doing some spring cleaning I notice that the meter know reads 2583 hours.

    Any thoughts? I am stumped.

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    Maybe it's getting 12vdc from somewhere, even when the battery switch is off. It's not tied into the automatic bilge pump circuit, is it?

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    Default Hour Meter

    I left my ignition on overnight one time and added 24 hours real easy so if you left it like that, it can add up quickly.

    Water was flat and skies blue last weeked in PWS - it doesn't get much better!


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