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    On another thread we brought up shooting hours for big game in Alaska. Which as us Alaskan hunters know is basically "if you can see it without artificial light you can shoot it". So, lets hear about your "moonlight kills".

    About 15 years ago in 1992 I had shot my first Alaskan Bull Moose. A 50 incher up off the Elliot hwy. It was sept 13th and the Interior got a bunch of snow. Some of you may remember that day. I was with my long time buddy and hunting partner Tony from Montana. Well, we had that bull in the truck and were headed home tired and satisfied. I was driving, it was about 10pm. He had his boots off and was sleeping in his t-shirt. It had snowed that day but the clouds had broken up and the moon was out shining bright. I come around a corner and it looked like someone was in the road waving a couple signs over thier head. I took my foot off the gas, Tony woke up and said "it's bull! lets get em!". I hit the brakes, the bull was walking right down the middle of the black top, he jumped off the road, down over the steep bank, Tony grabs the 06, bails out into six inches of snow in his socks and jumps over the side. I'm in the truck in the middle of the Elliot highway when it finaly registered "oh ya, you can shoot by sunlight or moonlight". About that time BOOM!. I'm thinkin, "oh man, Tony lung shot that sucker like he always does and he's headed down into that thick brush and we gotta go after him and I'm bushed". I'm bailing out of the truck as Tony comes scrambling up the bank in his socks shivering!! I run up to where the bull had jumped over the edge I say "go get your boots on!" I head down in to the brush and there lies a 60 inch bull laying there dead in the snow, bathed in moonlight! He hit him in the neck and dropped him. It was Tony's first Alaskan Moose also, what a day, a 50 and a 60 incher, two first bulls. One of them a moonlighter! We gutted him by the light of the moon. It was great.

    Last year I called one in during a full moon. Got the scope on him but couldn't get a clean shot. I lost him in the brush.

    Let's hear about your "moonlight kills"

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    No big game moonlight kills but this reminds me of a trick my cousin and I learned when we were boys. After a long day of grouse hunting we found ourselves still along way from the vehicle as dusk set in. We were in thick woods at the base of hatchers pass and the sky was still light but it was very dark on the ground. We had not so much as seen a grouse the whole hike in but with the light sky as a background you could suddenly see them everywhere silouetted against the sky. We killed 10 birds the last mile and have since had numerous trips at that time with comparable success.

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    My first moonlight kill was a lynx when I was 11. My dad and I were calling, and he just wandered into a clearing where I was able to get a shot with the .22-250.

    My second monlight kill took place last in 2005 on December 15 at 11:30 pm(about 15 minutes before season closed). My buddy and I were sitting on the edge of a slough in 25 degree weather with 3/4 of a moon. When we had first sat down I said, "Hey Sean, does that look like a moose on the edge of the brush?" to which he immediatly replies "No I've been watching it since we got here." Well it turns out we were looking at two different things. So I'm sitting there thinking that I'm losing my mind, because this dark blob looks like it's changing shape and getting closer. After 20 minutes or so Sean's cell phone starts ringing!!!! He gets it turned off, looks around, and says "hey that looks like a moose!" YA THINK? So after that comment the blob turns broadside, and walks torwards us slightly angling to walk by my right shoulder. When it got within 60 yards I figured that was close enough. We gutted her, flipped her in a sled, and were home in my garage within 45 minutes. One of my most memorable hunts.

    That Leopold Veri-x 3(sp) 2.5-8 on my Ruger .30-06 gathers light better than my eyes. Great hunt, hope I have more like it.


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    Talking Just once!

    Chicken Caribou Aug 10th 00:10am silouetted on the ridge, Season done and in my sleeping bag by 3am.
    Nikon 8x56, 7mm Rem Mag to see in the moonlight.
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