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Thread: Looking for boat moose hunt recommendations

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    Default Looking for boat moose hunt recommendations

    I have some friends looking for a moose hunt conducted via motor boats - not a float trip. One of the guys is a big fella and he figures that is the only way he could do the hunt. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Buy a couple boats and take them up or down a river?

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    Do you mean an outfitted or guided moose hunt from river boats?

    You see a lot of river boat based moose hunts on TV, but those are in Canada in their backcountry areas.

    Since our rivers are highways for all us locals, I would think that there would be few guides or oufitters willing to compete with the locals. They would have to keep a costly boat in the middle of nowhere as well. Not a good investment for a low overhead business.

    HOWEVER, These folks used to offer river boat drop camps for hunting something other than ducks. Not shown on their website anymore. But they might know more info if you called them.

    If they are looking for DIY river boat hunts then the Yukon, Tanana, and Koyuku rivers are wide open for moose hunting as noted on dozens of threads here. There are registration hunts in Southeast that you could hire a transporter for and do a live on board, but you are going to have to pack your moose back to shore.

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    Fly in to a remote village via Caravan/Turbo Prop otter we used Hageland, bring your own 35 hp two stroke motor, rent a 18 foot flat bottom jon boat from one of the villagers a head of time. Head up river and make camp. Did this on the Kobuk River a few years ago and it turned out to be a heck of a hunt. Spendy but worth it, floated that river several times and it sure is nice to be able to go back up river after your evening/morning hunt with a motor boat.

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    We had friends living in McGrath, before going out we would ship a large quantity of food and other goods, more than enough for our 7 or 8 day hunt and left all the extra for them and their cabin. We used their boats a few years and built them a new 'white man's cadillac' boat. Solid roof, windows 3/4 around with zippable canvas around the stern, heater, cd player and outlets for coffee maker. We used that for about 4 years then they moved to Kenai, it was sweet when the wind and the rain kicked up and the temps dropped!


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