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    Hey guys,
    We just added a new member to the family. Bella, a 7 week old lab border collie mix. She is 3/4 lab. I've never had a trained retriever so I am hoping I can make a good hunting buddy out of her. She has a wonderful temperament. She is very loving and incredibly obedient for being so young. I hope I can do my part and teach her to bring me my birds.

    I'll be looking here for tricks and tips.


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    Whow, Thats really young. Super........... Get a puppy program and get her socialized. Keep her away from dogs that you don't know are immunized until she is past her puppy shots. Your vet can help you there. Next step is a good retriever training program. Good luck. Duckdon
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    Obedient for 7 weeks? I could only wish to be so lucky. At 7 weeks they should know pretty much to pee and eat and play. I hope she gets to spend lots of time w/ you outside enjoying life and learning about the world. For you, I hope that does not mean at 1am, 3am, 5am, .....Puppies are like babies, no sense of time, or maybe, their sense of timing is impeccable, i.e. when is it most inconvenient to express their needs.
    Have fun w/ this new bundle of life, go explore and play. Don't get wrapped up into a "training plan" yet, just keep things simple and let the pup grow up a bit.


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