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Thread: Savage 99 rotary magazine spring?

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    Default Savage 99 rotary magazine spring?

    Is it possible to set the spring to give more tension, or do I need to buy a new one? I need extra spring tension for heavy cartridges.

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    Default 99 savage magazine spring

    if your magazine is brass you can put more tension on the spring. remove the forend, take out the magazine screw at front of receiver on left side. magazine will unwind. use screwdriver on screw on front of magazine to desired tension, return magazine screw, an forend.

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    When you remove the retaining screw from the side of the receiver, do not let the magazine spindle head "unwind". Just hold it in place with your fingers. Then while holding the end of the retaining screw gently against it in the screw hole, wind it up a notch or two. The spindle head has a number of slots in it to accept the screw, so you can incrementally adjust the spring tension. Don't overdo it, you can overwind and kink the torsion spring that runs the magazine. You don't want to wind the carrier, you want to wind the spindle head, the round piece at the front of the receiver. Wind it in the direction you want tension, counter-clockwise when viewed from the front.
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