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Thread: Percussion Gun

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    Talking Percussion Gun

    I ahve a friend who has a family hierloom "percussion gun thingy".. Hey her words, not mine. She asked me if I knew of a gunsmith who would look at it and tell her if it was worth getting work done or just leave it as a physical memory.
    any ideas in the brain trust on here?

    thanks all,

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    Well . . . Any gunsmith should be able figure out what a “precaution gun thingy” is and get her some kind of information. In Anchorage Wild West Guns about 71st Ave on the New Seward frontage road.
    On the web=
    Call/Text 602-315-2406
    Phoenix Arizona

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    Assuming we are talking about a muzzle loader, I would immediately use a wooden dowel rod of the right size to slide down the bore to see if its loaded (See the muzzle loaders forum for the ex-spurts). Point muzzle in safe direction when doing so, etc. etc. You will need to figure out where to mark the rod to indicate that a load is in the chamber. Since unloading is by firing or other "harder" means, don't be surprised to find its loaded after all these years. Don't drop the hammer on an uncapped nipple thinking it won't go off, yours may be the one few times it does.


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