Wasin zone 1 on Sunday. Went down the trail on wheelers. We had a few issues with snow drifts on the top of the hill at the beginning of the trail. Some of them were softer than the rest lol. But we rode towards mount prindle then rode up onto the ridge then back north west and saw nothing after about a 30 mile loop. They were there just not when we were. PLenty of tracks high and low, thick woods and on the open tundra. I only saw 10 or so bou the whole day, while we were running up to twelve mile summit in hopes to ride out of the rc999 area but rethought it and decided agianst it. They were on the highway but not in HUGE numbers like ADF&G say they are. Only saw 1 caribou hoof hanging out of a truck and he was road hunting. Makes you a little frustrated but ill get em soon. Anyone else have any good reports i was thinking about something a little more east then i was. had a great time the cold keeps everyone away. I was sweating pulling the wheelers out of that sand that alaska calls snow.