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Thread: Eagle River (Crow Pass) Trail / South Fork (Highland Rd TRail)

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    Default Eagle River (Crow Pass) Trail / South Fork (Highland Rd TRail)

    Anyone been on either trail yet? lookin at goin on from the Nature Center Side of the ER Trail. Or the South Fork (Highland RD) back to the Lake for some weekend backpacking. Just trying to get a feel for the trail conditions.

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    Default Crow's Pass

    Very muddy, snow still in some area's.

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    I'll ask a co-worker tomorrow that lives up in South Fork. I know that many of the ridgelines are clear, but I imagine that the valley floor is pretty messy. We hiked it in mid-may last year and it was wet, wet, wet. Still, it would be nice to get out.

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    Last year was on highland around memorial day, was still some snow and mud, but only in low spots. Hoping to get out of the house this weekend and muddy up the boots.

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    Default Crow Pass to South Fork Eagle River

    Someone on the trail register at the Crow Pass trailhead noted they came out the South Fork I think on Jun 14th or 15th. Can any recommend a route to take you into the South Fork drainage? Look like a much more challenging variation of the Crow Pass Trail.

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    either head down to Camp Creek and head into No Fo Ship Creek via Morraine Pass,

    or head up Clear Creek and go through Steamroller pass to NoFo Ship Creek.

    then head up into So Fo Eagle River via Triangle Peak.

    both good hikes.


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