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Thread: Lesson Learned - Applying for permits

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    Default Lesson Learned - Applying for permits

    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to share a little something so nobody else makes the same mistake.

    I was applying for hunting permits, quite a few individual permits...and party permits with two different guys. The plan was to do sheep permits with one guy and moose permits with a different guy.

    Well, their system doesn't allow this, but it also doesn't say anything about it either.

    So what happened to me is I put in for the permits. When I went to add the moose permits, it already had the name of my friend with the sheep permits. So I changed everything and went to "check out"...only the sheep permits weren't there anymore.

    I went back and forth a few times and finally figured out that the system was not going to play along. So I used the back button in their system (not the browser) and got back to the "shopping cart". From here, it doesn't show names, just permit numbers. Everything looked good. I figured I would just have to do the moose permits separately.

    After putting in my credit card number, it shows me everything including names for confirmation (after the purchase)....wrong names on the sheep permits!!! CRAP!

    Turns out F&G can't change, refund, etc....

    So the lesson to be learned here party permits separately from each other unless it's the same people on all of them.

    Now....hopefully I'll just win DS123 and make this a non-issue....fingers crossed....

    Good luck to everyone that applied for different permits than I did.

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    Thanks for the heads up because I plan on doing the same thing! I am glad you said this


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